Draper 9 Piece Gardening Hose Kit from Mighty Deals

Draper 9 Piece Gardening Hose Kit from Mighty Deals

Draper 9 Piece Gardening Hose Kit

Weather it’s watering your plants, washing your car or just cleaning your patio, make sure you do it with this gardening hose kit for just £34.99!

Features And Specification:

  • Draper 23226 Hose Hanger Cupboard
  • Ideal for keeping garden hoses tidy and manageable. Hose is wound around the integral cupboard. Suitable for 45M long garden hoses. One shelf cupboard with door for garden tools. Display packed.

  • Draper 56311 15m Watering Hose
  • PVC hose with polyester yarn reinforcement for kink resistance. Easy clean surface. Minimum wall thickness 2mm. Shrink wrapped with label.

  • Draper Expert 82463 1.8L Pressure Sprayer
  • Extra lightweight handheld sprayer has a pump action facility for continual spraying. The 1.8 litre bottle capacity has an actual working capacity of 1.5 litres the other 0.3 litres is the air reserve which enables the pressurisation of the canister. Ideally suited for spraying a variety of liquids e.g. water, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and solvent-free treatments.

  • Draper 89375 8 Pattern Turret Sprinkler
  • Garden sprinkler made from impact-resistant material attached with dial selector head that enables eight differing watering patterns. This allows for the type of spraying pattern to be chosen for area and job required. Overall size: 198mm diameter. Perfect for most gardens and lawns.

  • Draper 89481 5 Piece Spray Gun Kit
  • Garden spray gun kit made from impact-resistant weather-proof material. The spray gun is fitted with a selector head enabling five types of spray: mist, shower, jet, soaker and flat. Supplied with 1/2 ‘and 3/4″ BSP tap connectors, 1/2″ hose connector and a 1/2″ hose connector with water stop. An essential garden spraying kit for most types of garden.

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    Category: Garden
    Price: GBP34.99

    Start Date: 2016-05-31
    Expiry Date: 2018-01-25

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